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Get moving using aquatic exercise
Find out how to offer our Evidence-based Aquatic Exercise Classes at your centre

What do we care about?

We help people get moving with the most up-to-date evidence based aquatic exercise programs. Ultimately, we want to support more people to exercise in water.

We want to help people to move better, move faster and move with more confidence. Some of our hydrotherapy programs are designed to improve leg strength, fitness and balance and some are for recovery and well-being. Our programs can be individualised and delivered digitally anywhere or they involve group exercise classes at specific venues. Hydro Functional Fitness Instructors are all health or exercise professionals.

Hydro Functional Fitness are a group of health professionals and aquatic fitness leaders with international training, research and practical experience. We have been talking all things aquatic together for the past 10 years and we love it. We are based in Melbourne, Australia.

We are curious and passionate lifelong learners. Our interest is in learning about the best aquatic exercises for fitness and to help people get moving. Between us we have tackled a couple of PhD’s, run hydrotherapy pools both big and small and trained health professionals in aquatic exercise all over the world.