Our Programs

Kickstart your leg strength, balance and fitness with our 6-week online programs

Why exercise in water?

Exercising with knee pain or arthritis is challenging. Water provides a supportive medium to move in and has shown to be effective in improving pain and walking.

These programs are for people with knee pain or arthritis.

The program runs for 6-weeks.

The Hydro Functional programs are evidence based and aim to:

  • build confidence and enjoyment with exercising 
  • improve leg strength, walking and balance 
  • increase fitness

The program includes individualised health screening with a physiotherapist to check if the program is right for you.

On completing the program you have a set of aquatic exercises to continue with or the confidence to start in the gym or with land exercises. 

The Hydro Functional programs can be done

  • at your local pool
  • in the pool at home or in your apartment building

The pool needs to be between waist and chest deep.

If you can commit to exercising twice a week for six weeks to work on your leg strength, fitness and balance then you might be interested in finding out more.

If you're interested in your centre offering this program please get in touch.