Get moving with some guided aquatic exercise

Why try the AquaWalkingFIT Program?

We believe that moving in the water can do wonders for our mind and our bodies. This program will guide you through some aquatic walking activities for you to try. The program is aimed at people who might have been thinking about starting to do something to improve your fitness for a while but are not quite sure where to start.

The aquatic walking activities are provided on a video so you can do these sessions at any time that suits you. This is not a class; rather a program you do by yourself, guided by us. Your local pool may set up some times so you can meet others on the program.

We ask you to commit to at least 20-30 minutes in the pool ideally twice a week for 4 weeks.

Is this for me?

This program is for people who:

Want to improve their levels of physical activity and exercise

Would like to try some walking exercises supported by water

You need to have:

A phone or tablet and can download the free app to watch the videos we use for the program
Bluetooth earbuds to listen to the program from the app (instructions and music) while you're in the pool

An email address

What does the program include?

Online health screening to check the program is right for you

Online goal setting for the program and measurement of your activity

A walking program in the pool for you
(25-30 minutes of exercises)

Support and check-ins (for 4 weeks)

The AquaWalkingFIT Program does not include direct supervision by a health professional on-site and will not be suitable for people
           *who need help getting in or out of the pool, or help when exercising in water
           *with a new health condition or recent surgery (please see your local health professional)

If you are currently being treated for any health condition that is stable and has been reviewed by your local health professional and you're able to exercise then that's no problem to join the program. Please let us know about it in your screening information so we can make sure the program is suitable for you.


How do I sign up?
Find out if your local pool offers this program and put in an expression of interest.

Do I need to be able to swim?
 No. All exercises are done standing up in the shallow part of the pool

What time are the walking sessions?
You do the exercises at the time that suits you, using video programs we send to you so you can do the program any time that works for you although your local pool may set up specific times that you can join others doing the program.

Connect with your local pool to put in an Expression of Interest


We recommend using the shallow part of the pool. Try to find a space to walk in that is between waist and chest depth.
A reminder that the pool is used by many people in many different ways and please be flexible and respectful of others (and hopefully they'll do the same for you)


Program cost: TBC
You will still need to pay for entry into the pool



Go to your local pool to complete your program

If you're interested in joining this program - please email us at

Thank you!
We will be in touch soon
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