26% of people with musculoskeletal conditions use aquatic exercise

Sophie Heywood

Sometimes the struggles of managing pain with arthritis can make people feel very isolated. You are not alone in managing your challenges - take a look at these vital insights into the work, family, financial and social impact of pain and disability in this survey of >3000 people with musculoskeletal conditions (most with Osteoarthritis or Back pain).

The very real personal struggles are highlighted in this report. Th health system issues are also discussed. The complex nature of managing pain for most people as an issue is clearly described (and there are some links to some great resources also).

Great to see active strategies highlighted in managing conditions including land-exercise (63%) and water-based exercise (26%) (and shout out to all the great allied health professionals working in these areas including aquatic physiotherapists). From the report "it is clear that the provision of additional support and access to more services would be met with an enthusiastic response."

you can read more here https://www.msk.org.au/mskconsumersurvey2020/