5 facts on the benefits of aquatic exercise and rehabilitation

Liz Villalta

Hard to get motivated to exercise at the moment but maybe jumping in the pool this weekend sounds like fun?

Check out the Australian Physiotherapy Association inmotion magazine article including our own Dr Sophie Heywood's recent research on aquatic plyometric training as well as how aquatic physio can helps a range of different people

5 facts:

1. Aquatic plyometric training is effective in improving strength, jumping and sprinting

2. Aquatic physiotherapy is beneficial for improving balance and decreasing fear of falling in people with Parkinson’s disease

3. Aquatic physiotherapy is effective in improving cardiovascular fitness in stroke survivors

4. Aquatic physiotherapy is effective in improving the strength of the paretic knee in stroke survivors

5. Aquatic physiotherapy increases fitness and strength in people with type 2 diabetes


Thanks to Jillian Chua and Anna Scheer for contributions to the article. Happy exercising all.