Kickstarter Programs
October 2021

Albany Creek Leisure Centre

Why try the Kickstarter Program?

Exercising when you have pain or arthritis is tough. It's difficult to know if you're on the right track and difficult to stay motivated. The Hydro Functional Programs are for you if you want to kickstart your way into a healthier and more active life.

We use aquatic exercise, individualised to you, to support you for 6-weeks. It is done by email and video and you can head along to your local pool to do the exercise.  

To join the program you need to be able to commit (and excited) to exercise in the pool twice a week for 6 weeks. You can do these sessions at any time that suits you.

Research shows you need at least 6 weeks to see improvements. Our program is a kickstarter to being more proactive with how active, strong and fit you want to be.

After the 6-weeks, we help you make some choices about the longer term options for trying new classes or exercises or progressing your aquatic program. There are lots of options, the tough decision is committing to start.

Is this for me?

This program is for people who:

Find exercise challenging due to knee pain or arthritis

Want to improve their leg power, fitness or balance

Would like professional guidance in getting back to exercise

What does the program include?

Your Kickstarter Program includes:  

A welcome pack with program details, activity diary and information on arthritis (you can collect this at the front desk).

Telehealth using video

A telehealth appointment with an aquatic physiotherapist to check your health status, leg movement and what you want to achieve

Weekly emails with your personalised video program links, you can play these on your smart phone or tablet… if you think this could be tricky for you, we are here to support you every step of the way.

Support from your aquatic physio during the program and support fromabout options for exercise after the program

The programs don't include direct supervision by a health professional on-site,  so will not be suitable for people who
*need help getting in or out of the pool, or when exercising in water
*have complex health conditions or surgery in the past 3 months

If you are currently being treated for any health condition it is important to let us know so we can make sure the program is suitable for you

Interested? Please complete  the Expression of Interest Form below

Need more details? see the Frequently Asked Questions about the program at the bottom of this page

Expressions of interest now open


Warm water pool
Depth: 1.0 - 1.4 metres
50m Lap lane


Program cost: $188
Pool entry cost:
Members Access
Single Visit
10 Visit Pass
Kickstarter Pass
unlimited pool visits 6 weeks $62


Albany Creek Leisure Centre
Cnr Old Northern Rd and, Explorer Dr, Albany Creek QLD 4035
Centre Website

If you're interested in joining this program
1. Please let us know using the form below
2. We will email you a health screening questionnaire within 24 hours
3. We will then review your health information and let you know by email if the program is right for you.

Expressions of interest are open and close on Wednesday October 6 but there are a limited number of places available. Please return the health screening questionnaire to us by Thursday October 7 2021.

There is no cost for the health screening process. If you are not suitable for the program then we will give you suggestions of where else to seek treatment.  

The cost of the program has been discounted by 20% to $188. This needs to be paid before your telehealth session. There may be a rebate for the Physiotherapy Telehealth session if you have private health insurance. Please check with your fund.

Thank you! We will be in touch soon.
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Please email us at if you continue to have trouble.

Frequently Asked Questions

What time are the sessions?

This is not a class. You do the program of exercises in the pool by yourself, guided by information from us.

You can attend the pool any time that works for you (sometimes you may need to book a time or check when are the best times to go).

It's a bonus if you have a friend or family member who may also want to go for a swim or already attends the gym so you can head to the centre with them. Otherwise it's a "Kickstarter" for you and your fitness, strength and balance so you may start out by yourself but then get into a routine and build confidence to join some other exercise groups after the program has finished. We'll help you with this.

I've missed the Expression of Interest date. Will the program run again?

We are keen to make sure everyone who is interested get's a chance to participate in the program. It's likely that a second program will run in November. Please fill in the Expression of Interest form even if you've missed this October program and we'll keep you in the loop for planning of any other Kickstarter programs.

I didn't qualify for the program. What can I do instead?

If you've put in an Expression of Interest but the Hydro Functional Physiotherapists think that the program isn't quite right for you they will email you some options of where else you can get some exercise or rehabilitation advice. It's great that you're interested in exercise and we're keen to make sure you have other options.

Q1 Albany Creek
Will I be able to get a rebate from my Private Health Insurance for the program?

If you have extras cover for Physiotherapy and if your Private Health Insurance includes teleheatlh appointments then it's likely you'll get something back. Call your Private Health Insurance to see if your cover includes a rebate for Physiotherapy telehealth sessions.

Do I have to be a member to join the program?

No, we welcome newcomers to the program. We will aim to find the most cost-effective way for you to pay for pool entry.

I'm not very confident with technology, will I still be able to follow the program?

Yes, absolutely. You mainly need to be able to access your emails as this is where we will send your video program. You also need a phone or tablet or computer that you can watch the videos on. Many people that would consider themselves not to be computer experts have found they have enjoyed the program. We are here to support you. We have ways of making the program less reliant on the technology if you're a bit more of a pen and paper person.

Can I do the program if I don’t have a phone or table to watch the program on poolside?

Yes, you can. You need to be able to watch your video program and technique tips on a computer and then we'll give you written instructions also (that you can take to the pool).

Can I do the program if I don’t have an email address?

No. You will need an email address for the program. You could ask a friend or family member to set one up for you.

Can I do the program if I’ve had a hip or knee joint replacement or waiting for one?

It depends on your individual situation.  In most circumstances, if you've recently had surgery it's best for you to follow a rehab program by a physio or exercise physiologist you've seen recently as they know exactly what is right for you. If you're more than 3 months after surgery and you'd like to join the program then we are happy to have you.

If you're on the waiting list for surgery then exercise to become a little stronger before the operation will be of benefit after the operation.  Aquatic exercise is a comfortable way to exercise prior to your surgery except in situations where you are in extreme discomfort.  

When does the program start?

Your program can start when it suits you.

Please send in your Expression of Interest as early as possible.

If you have any questions please email

Can exercise cause damage to my joints if I already have arthritis?

No. Exercise programs designed by Health Professionals have controlled load which starts lower and gradually gets higher. Provided trauma is avoided (uncontrolled twisting or anything extreme), moderate exercise does not lead to acceleration of osteoarthritis. Exercise actually really helps people with arthritis get stronger, get moving and have less pain. Aquatic exercise has the added benefit of less vertical weight bearing load on the joint but can still push you hard with strengthening and also cardiovascular conditioning for your general health. Contact us to find out more. You can read more about the benefits of exercise and physical activity from Arthritis Australia here.

Do I need to be able to swim?

Quite a few people in enjoy exercise in water and cannot swim. The pools we use usually have a shallow end where most exercises are done standing up.  All the exercises are initially easier and then progressed to be more difficult as your confidence in water grows. All exercises can be modified for someone that cannot swim.  With time, most people become much more confident in water and enjoy the sessions and this opens up a whole new option for exercise for rehabilitation and exercise for fitness.

Does aquatic exercise work?

Yes. High quality research in hip and knee osteoarthritis that our team has been involved in has shown aquatic exercise supervised and designed by a physiotherapist to be beneficial for pain, quality of life, walking and stair climbing. We have done more research recently to show how some exercises in the pool are less painful for people with knee arthritis.

There are no guarantees of success with any treatment program but aquatic exercise has a solid base of research, is a great environment to start in and all programs will be modified to suit you.